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1201 Main Street, COLUMBIA SC

(803) 255-6292

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  • Cafe 1201 can be a bit hit or miss. I usually get the daily special because their menu is pricey and the daily special is usually the most bang for your buck. Unfortunately, it can be a gamble as I've had some pretty awful specials, though some delicious ones as well. I paid $4 for a cup (not a bowl) of chili one day, only to walk upstairs and see that our receptionist had bought the same amount of chili from Wendy's for $1.50. I even paid extra for a roll substitution and they wouldn't give me the crackers that go with the chili. I think they would appeal to more if they lower their prices a little (cause the food ain't THAT good) and stick to what works, like that amazing meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. Oh, and don't order the shrimp and grits. The shrimp was served cold, andouille sausage gravy was off, and it was served over white breakfast grits, blech.

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    1. Cafe 1201 is so two faced its not even funny . Everything ... »more
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