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1201 Main Street, COLUMBIA SC

(803) 255-6292

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I am the owner of this restaurant and just learned of the review by Adverto on Sept. 29, 2011. She was an employee who was 'let go' on Sept 28, 2011 because of incompetence and talking back to customers. She passed herself off as a pastry chef who we later learned cook by 'smell' because she wouldn't eat chocolate and couldn't eat gluten. What finished food we buy frozen is hamburgers, hotdogs, breaded chicken patties and french fries. We are located in an office building using electricity as our sole source of energy. No gas, no gas grill. Hence the only viable solution we have found to provide quick sale hamburgers is to bake them and then hold them in a solution of beef broth (and other seasonings) before passing them through an impinger oven to melt the cheese. If you have read this and the other review and have never tried our restaurant, please come by and ask for me - Jim, and let me buy you your sandwich or salad or soup and then you can decide. Now I must press the 'excellent' button to register this comment.

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